mercredi 28 avril 2010

Family picture

Sasha Noelle

Sasha Charlotte

Sasha Muriel

Sasha Kirsty

Sasha Laura

Sasha Ann

Sasha Angela

Sasha Pamela

Sasha Kate

Sasha Vivian

Sasha Winnifred

Sasha Irene

Little Sasha Maria

My Pretty Sasha Stella

Sasha Emily

Sasha Marina

The latest photos of my Sasha family.

jeudi 11 février 2010


Today cats and Sashas were snowbound. Teddy went out on the back patio and almost disappeared in the snow, he enjoyed it very much.

Teddy Blue

Teddy is the true king of our little kingdom, even Lady Valentine yields to him ... he is a real gentleman, he loves peace and quiet to reign over our home, he will never allow two of the cats to have an argument ... luckily they all get on well and love each other.

Lili Marlene

Lili Marlene will be 15 years old in March, she is very much an indoor cat, in summer even when all the windows are open and the cats can spend long hours on their sunny catproof patios, she would rather stay inside.

Lady Valentine

Valentine, my lovely red smoke Persian. She is precious, a real little lady. All the other cats have to show her respect, only Teddy Blue can tease her. Like her Majesty Queen Victoria she could say:'We are not amused!'


Coppelia is an attention seeker, she loves being talked to and really hates being ignored.


Coppelia is a tortoiseshell Persian, she is very friendly and sociable, she will welcome visitors and see them to the door when they leave. When I leave for work she watches me from the study window ... and when I get home after work, she is the first kitty to welcome me home. The world is a much better place with her by my side.

Winnifred, Angela and Noëlle

This photo was taken over Christmas, the girls are wearing classy festive outfits.


Valentine is very bossy and she wants things to go her way. She will only obey Teddy Blue, the chief of the family.