samedi 5 novembre 2011

Piper is sheer perfection, she is elegant and her hair is gorgeous and can be styled most beautifully.

Helen Kish's Piper Chrysalis doll,
a joy to behold!

Sweet Coppelia has fallen in love with Grandissimo Amore as soon as he arrived here and she acts as his foster mother taking good care of him.

What a lovely boy!
Grooming session, Grandissimo Amore loves it!
The latest addition!!!! The eleventh member of the family. He joined the clan last week but you would think he has always been here with us. What a personality. His name is Grandissimo Amore, he is a brown blotched tabby Persian. He is just over three months old.
Meet Fangio, my lilac British Shorthair, although he is only over a year old, he is definitely the big boy of the family. He weighs over 13 pounds. He is the tenth member of the cat clan here at 'Valentine's'. He is a real softie.
This is Fly Catcher, alias Fred, a blue British Shorthair. He is the ninth member of my cat family. He arrived at 'Valentine's' last year.